Apricale - A view from our expert author

Apricale, Liguria, Italy by Photos Archive Agenzia In LiguriaMany of the buildings in the sunny town of Apricale date from the 11th century © Photos Archive Agenzia In Liguria

This hilltop village full of cats and uneven cobbles has several dark tunnels which are great to explore, as well as summertime theatrical events.

What is lovely about Apricale is that it has only just opened up to tourists and has lots of charm. Parts of the village still sit abandoned. Living was hard in the hinterland and many people upped and moved to the coast where there were jobs, schools and hospitals. It’s great fun to explore Apricale’s dark alleyways that are more like tunnels. It’s full of cats and uneven cobble stones. You’ll soon notice that most of the foreigners are Swedish. That’s because a Swedish artist came here in the 1960s and painted the town. His work inspired his friends to buy houses here and they now own about 20% of the property in Apricale.

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