Emilia-Romagna - At a glance

Emilia-Romagna at a glance

Festa Quattro Castello festival Emilia-Romagna Italy by Paolo-Maffi, Shutterstock
Emilia-Romagna hosts hundreds of festivals throughout the year, including the Festa in Castello in September © Paolo-Maffi, Shutterstock

Location In north central Italy, the great triangular wedge between the River Po, the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, bordered to the north by Lombardy and the Veneto, to the south by Liguria, Tuscany, the Republic of San Marino and the Marche

Area 22,446km²

Status One of Italy’s 20 regions

GDP per capita €32,531 (2016), fourth among Italy’s regions

Population 4,448,841 (2017)

Life expectancy Men 81 years, women 85 years

Climate Humid subtropical on the Po plain; warm continental climate in the mountains

Regional capital Bologna (population 386,200; 1 million in Greater Bologna)

Other main towns Parma (population 187,195), Modena (population 185,228), Reggio Emilia (population 170,355), Ravenna (population 149,084), Rimini (population 138,060), Ferrara (population 131,907)

Main airport Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi Airport)

Language Italian. Main dialects: Emilian and Romagnol

Religion Roman Catholic

Currency Euro (€)

Exchange rate €1 = US$1.23, €1 = £0.88 (April 2018)

International telephone code +39 (but keep the first 0 in the number)

Time GMT +1

Electrical voltage 220V/50Hz, two-pin plugs

Public holidays 1 January, 6 January, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June, 15 August, 1 November, 8 December, 25 December, 26 December

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