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Giving something back

Iceland has so much to offer that travellers can forget what they might have to offer in return. Remember that the best kind of travel is a two-way street and that Iceland’s transition to a sustainable tourist economy depends as much on you as it does them. As you experience Iceland in full, consider how your presence affects the country and how you might give something back. This can range from the choices you make, eg: what you choose to eat or not eat (eg: by avoiding whale and whale products), to a direct contribution of your time and resources.

Puffin with fish by VisitSouthIceland,

The information on this site aims to promote local business and community-based initiatives and describes a few opportunities to help out directly; for example, identifying and counting whales, aiding baby puffins on their way to the sea (for more information, contact Pysjueftirlitíð; tel: 481 111; email:;, and patronising rural museums. Further opportunities to get involved are listed under the websites below. Also, do not be afraid to simply ask. Icelanders are very active volunteers and always have some project at hand. If you have any future suggestions on how travellers can give something back (or experiences to share), please do not hesitate to add feedback to the Iceland forum.

(Photo: On the island of Heimaey in the Westmann Islands, you can help baby puffins make their way from the cliffs to the sea © VisitSouthIceland,

Get involved International environmental activist network Veraldarvinir; a project to clean up all the coastlines of Iceland

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