Voidokilia Beach - A view from our expert author

Voidokilia beach Peloponnese Greece Europe by PNIK Shutterstock
Voidokilia Beach looks a lot like a Caribbean paradise © PNIK, Shutterstock

You will probably have already seen a picture of Voidokilia Beach; it is a common postcard subject.

The best way to explore the area around this superlative beach and dramatic castle is to take a walk around the area. This should be done over a leisurely half to a whole day, including swimming and a picnic.

You will probably have already seen a picture of Voidokilia Beach; it is a common postcard subject. It does look like it has been magically transported here from the Caribbean or the South Seas: a golden crescent of sand lapped by azure waters and backed by the lagoon. Unfortunately it can get quite crowded in the high summer and at weekends. Come here in the spring or autumn, however, and you will likely have this paradise to yourself. The easiest way to get here is to take the left turn (on a sharp right-hand bend) 6km north of Gialova, and then follow the signs past the villages of Romanos and Petrohori.

Above the beach and below the castle can be seen the gaping hole of Nestor’s cave. An obvious path leads up to it through the dunes at the end of Voidokilia. It was supposedly used as a cattle pen by the wise old king.There is plenty of opportunity for diving in the area, both snorkelling and full scuba. 

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