The Peloponnese - Giving something back

Giving something back

Despite the hard times, and what you might read in the press, Greece has little need of overt public charity, at least at present. If you want to help the country there is one excellent way you can do so: come here, travel around, spend money locally, try and understand the culture and people, and fall in love with the place.

There are a couple of organisations that could do with practical help. ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, welcomes enthusiastic volunteers throughout the year, but their main efforts are over the summer. Work varies from nest maintenance to public awareness.

GAIA is an organisation based in the Mani, but which works throughout the Peloponnese. Their mission is to protect and promote the natural environment, and they do work that ranges from clearing paths for hikers to fighting fires. They could do with extra volunteers, even short term, money and equipment. 

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