The Peloponnese - At a glance

The Peloponnese at a glance

Location The southern peninsula of the Greek mainland, jutting out into the Mediterranean and almost entirely surrounded by sea

Size Approximately 21,439km2 (Encyclopaedia Britannica), just larger than Wales, and slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey, USA

Climate Mediterranean

Status Parliamentary republic and member of the EU

Population 1,100,000 (2011 census), almost 10% of the national population of 10.75 million

Life expectancy Male 77 years, female 83 years

Economy Agriculture and tourism

GNI per capita US$19,500 (Peloponnese)

Language Greek

Religion Greek Orthodox Christian

Currency Euro (pronounced evro) and divided into 100 cents (lepta). For up-to-date rates, go to

International telephone code +30

Time GMT +2 (+3 in summer)

Electrical voltage 220V, 50Hz; standard European plug

Flag Blue and white horizontal stripes with a white cross on a blue background in the top left

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