Nord-Pas de Calais - Giving something back

Giving something back

With much of France’s charitable and environmental work already funded, it is not easy to select an overall candidate to highlight, especially for one specific region such as Nord-Pas de Calais. However, one does spring to mind: North Nature Environment (Nord Nature Environnement, Maison de la Nature et de l’Environnement (MNE), 23 rue Gosselet, Lille 59000; 03 20 88 49 33;;; 09.00–12.00 & 14.00–17.00 Mon–Fri) is a self-funded pressure group who talk tough on a variety of topics, many of common interest to UK and other overseas visitors.

The effect of a growing number of wind turbines on local flora and fauna is one such subject, which is especially topical for an area in which national parks and reserves are playing a major tourist role. They are also concerned that soil erosion is increasing the loss of hedgerows and clogging rivers in what, despite what appearances might sometimes suggest, is some 70% rural land. They have backed small coastal towns such as Ambleteuse in protecting the natural environment while still recognising the role of tourism. They have also put forward 25 measures to reform fishing and hunting.

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