Giving something back

Sheep, Faroe Islands by VisitFaroeIslandsIn a place where sheep outnumber people, why not buy some locally produced knitwear? © VisitFaroeIslands

Whilst you’re in the Faroes, why not consider buying some locally produced knitwear as a small contribution towards the local economy? All across the islands, small armies of dedicated knitters churn out all variety of woollen sweaters, gloves, hats and even shawls and coats. There’s no tax added to these products so they’re often cheaper than the equivalent available from the more mainstream factories such as Snældan and Sirri. It’s satisfying to know that you are helping local people directly as the women knitters receive direct payment from the sale of their sweaters.

In Tórshavn you can also buy fresh fish direct from local fishermen at the stalls down by the harbour at Vágsbotnur. Though there are no set times for when a boat will appear with fish for sale, you can be sure that should you buy anything the money you pay is going directly to the skipper or crew.

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