Veliki Risnjak/Risnjak National Park - A view from our expert author

Hike through forests and meadows to the peak of Veliki Risnjak in the beautiful Risnjak National Park.

Only 15km from Rijeka as the crow flies, Risnjak National Park is a wonderful place to come in late spring and summer, with great walking, lovely flowers, spectacular scenery, and a relatively easy peak to scale. The weather can be extreme here, however, with the park affected by four different types of climate – harsh alpine, Dinaric mountain, mild Adriatic and continental Pannonian. In autumn it tends towards the very wet indeed, and in winter there’s a good deal of snow – at the Risnjak mountain hut, at 1,418m, there’s snow on the ground for an average of 157 days a year, and it can be up to 4m deep – though this can be a beautiful time to hike in the area, for those suitably equipped.

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