Istria - Giving something back

Giving something back

As with anywhere in the world, you should try to buy local and think global. Even within Istria, there are four or five big businesses that run almost everything, making it very difficult for small businesses to thrive, offer variety and provide true competition. So the more you can do to support small family-run hotels, apartments and businesses or local guides the better, especially outside the main tourist season. Agritourism is one good way to ensure you are doing this.

Market, Pula, Istria, Croatia by Pula Tourist BoardFresh markets, like this one in Pula, are great places to buy local produce in Istria © Pula Tourist Board

To help or support the environment in Istria, check out Zelena Istra (Green Istria), who run lots of campaigns and activities to educate the public, raise awareness and change behaviour for the better. If the sea is your true love, then you might be interested in contributing towards Pula’s turtle rescue centre. There you can adopt a rescued turtle until it is released back into the wild, by donating to its care and rehabilitation at the centre.

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