Where to visit in Bratislava


Opera at the Slovak National Theatre

Slovak National Theatre Bratislava Slovakia by Roman Sigaev Shutterstock
Do not miss the opportunity to see world-class opera or exciting modern theatre at bargain prices, in a beautiful historical setting © Roman Sigaev, Shutterstock

The historical building and the new building by the Danube are both architectural masterpieces, and the performances are world class, too. 

Bratislava Castle 

Bratislava’s iconic castle contains an excellent museum and the grounds are the perfect spot for a picnic with a view. 

UFO restaurant and bar

The restaurant is top-notch and the view from the observation deck is outstanding.

Koliba-Kamzík and altitude 

The revolving restaurant on the top of Kamzík Hill has a spectacular view of three countries: Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Devín Castle 

Devín Castle Bratislava Slovakia by TTstudio Shutterstock
Devín’s impressive castle overlooks the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers © TTstudio, Shutterstock

This scenic castle makes a great day-trip destination for walks along the Danube and Morava rivers. 

Blue Church 

The lovely little church dedicated to St Elizabeth is an Art Nouveau gem.

Pálffy and Mirbach Palaces 

These historic buildings have fabulous interiors and galleries to match. 

St Martin’s Cathedral 

Once the coronation venue for Hungarian monarchs, this little cathedral packs a big punch. 

Michael’s Tower 

The historic tower can be climbed for a great view over the Old Town. 

Suggested itineraries 

Staying a weekend

• Walk along the coronation route of Hungarian kings through the Old Town (look for the little brass crowns set into the pavement) or, if you’re feeling lazy, sit on the tiny Prešporáčik red tour ‘train’.

• Check out the history of the country in the Slovak National History Museum and take in a breathless view from the Crown Tower. Sit out on the lawn and admire the view of the Danube and the Brutalist concrete Petržalka housing estate, past the UFO café.

• Travel up the lift to the UFO restaurant and bar for a spectacular, panoramic view of the Old Town centre, the castle and the Kamzík Hills in the distance.

• Soak up the sun on a pavement terrace in the beautiful Old Town; Bratislava is packed with cafés, bars, pubs and restaurants.

• Walk up to the Slavín Monument for a view of the business heart of the city and, in the other direction, over to Bratislava Castle and the UFO.

• Take the bus to Devín Castle for a Sunday afternoon stroll among the castle ruins and along the Danube and Morava riverbanks.

• Work your way through half a dozen excellent local beers, finishing off with a shot of borovička or slivovica.

• Try the Slovak national dish; bryndzové halušky – gnocchi with sheep’s cheese and bacon bits.

• Take in a performance of world-class opera at spectacularly low prices; good seats for €10.

• Visit the Blue Church, one of the most amazing churches in Europe, seemingly covered in blue icing.

Staying a week or longer 

• Take the trolleybus to Koliba-Kamzík and, after a tramp through the woods, enjoy a slowly spinning view of Bratislava and its surroundings from the Altitude restaurant or café at the top of the TV tower.

• Hire a canoe and paddle along the Danube.

• Hire a bike and do one of the tours along the riverbank, visiting the sights along the old ‘Iron Curtain’ border.

• Travel the length of the Small Carpathian Wine Route, sampling along the way.

• Visit the largest medieval cellars in central Europe at Červený Kameň.

• Visit Košice, Slovakia’s second city, to get a feel of the east. Don’t miss a Tokaj wine-tasting session!

• Visit the Gabčíkovo Dam wildlife region and see the Danubiana Meulensteen Modern Art Gallery at Čunovo.

• Take a boat trip to Vienna or Budapest, or visit underrated Brno by train.

• Try relaxation at its best on a weekend break at Piešťany Spa.