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Giving something back

Bosnia and Herzegovina is still in many ways reliant on aid. There are dozens of local and international aid agencies still operational there. Although much focus is aimed at the physical and economic reconstruction of the country many organisations are dedicated to psychosocial work, working with youth, and aiding widowed mothers. Remember that only 20 or so years ago tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, and hundreds of thousands were killed. The effects of the war still linger in the hearts of many. As most international organisations usually have good funding sources consider donating to local agencies which, in the long run, will continue to heal the wounds and deal with rebuilding the country – both physically and spiritually.


There are literally hundreds of both local and international charities that are dedicated to making Bosnia and Herzegovina a better place. Tremendous progress has been made in BiH but there is a long way to go to emotionally and physically rebuild from the horrors of war.

Budi Moj Prijatelj (Be my friend) Terezije bb, Sarajevo 71000; 033 668 660; This group works with Roma (Gypsy) children & integrates them into the education system. Roma children are particularly vulnerable in this part of the world & more often than not suffer from abuse, lack of education, health problems & discrimination.

Centre for Self-Reliance 033 766 260; A group dedicated to empowering & employing disabled people.

Pomozi/Help Dr Fetaha Bećirbegovića br 8, 71000 Sarajevo; 062 839 000;; are very active in helping with emergencies such as the devastating floods of 2014 and assisting the Syrian refugees fleeing war along the Balkan Route. They are continually active in BiH helping the poor with a strong focus on impoverished families with children.

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