Northern Belgium - At a glance

Flanders at a glance

Location Northern Belgium, western Europe

Size/Area 13,522km²

Climate Temperate (mild winters, cool summers)

Status Federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy

Population 6,550,000

Life expectancy Men: 76.3; women: 82.8

Capital Brussels (1.89 million)

Other main towns Brugge, Gent, Antwerp

Economy Exports: cars, food, iron, steel, finished diamonds, textiles and plastics

GDP per capita €27,900

Languages Flanders: Dutch; Brussels: official bilingual (Dutch & French) but

80% of residents speak French.

Religion Roman Catholic 75%, other (including Protestant) 25%

Currency Euro (€) (for up-to-date rates, go to

National airline/airport Brussels Airlines/Brussels-Zaventem

International telephone code +32

Time GMT+1

Electrical voltage 230v AC/50Hz

Weights and measures Metric

Flag A black lion on a bright yellow background

National anthem De Vlaamse Leeuw (‘The Flemish Lion’)

Public holidays 1 January, 6 January, 14 February, Easter Monday, 1 May,

13 May, Pentecost Monday, 10 June, 11 July, 21 July, 15 August, 1 November,

2 November, 11 November, 6 December, 25 December

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