Albania - At a glance

Lake, Lura National Park, Albania by Markussep, Wikimedia CommonsOne of the Lura National Park's seven beautiful lakes © Markussep, Wikimedia Commons

Albania at a glance

Location Balkan peninsula

Neighbouring countries Montenegro, Kosova, Macedonia, Greece

Area 28,748km²

Climate Mediterranean

System of government Parliamentary democracy

Head of state President, elected by parliament every five years

Population 2,876,591 (2017 estimate)

Birth rate 11 births per 1,000 population (2016)

Life expectancy Males 77 years; females 80.1 years (2016)

Population growth rate 0.3% (2014 estimate)

Capital city Tirana (Tiranë)

GDP per capita €3,547 (2015 estimate)

Official language Albanian

Alphabet Roman

Currency Lek, for up-to-date rates, go to the XE website.

International telephone code +355

Time zone GMT +1

Electrical voltage 220V

Weights and measures Metric

National anthem Himni i Flamurit (The Flag Hymn), written by Asdreni in 1880

National flag Black double-headed eagle on red background

National holidays 1 January, 1 May, 28 November

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Albania’s cultural and historical highlights

Albania has a wealth of historical and cultural sites to be seen, a number of which are UNESCO protected.



Born Gjergi Kastrioti, Skanderbeg went on to become Albania's national hero.


Thermal baths

Enjoyed since Roman times, Albania's thermal baths offer health benefits or simply a relaxing treat.


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