José Ignacio - A view from our expert author

José Ignacio, Uruguay by Carlos E. Gonzalez, Wikimedia CommonsJosé Ignacio has been transformed into one of the world’s most chic and exclusive holiday destinations © Carlos E. Gonzalez, Wikimedia Commons 

Kick back in boutique hotels or relax on the stunning sandy beaches of José Ignacio, a fashionable but laid-back fishing village. 

The small fishing village of José Ignacio has recently been transformed into one of the world’s most chic and exclusive holiday destinations, with boutique hotels (and next to no budget accommodation), superb restaurants and an array of stunning modern houses. In summer the traffic jams are mad, but from March to November this is still a remarkably peaceful fishing village. The sandy roads, empty beaches, hand-painted wooden signs and boho-chic style are key to its success, studiously avoiding the Miami Beach-style high-rise development of Punta del Este. 

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