Giving something back

Greater Rhea, Uruguay by Mikelane45, DreamstimeAves Uruguay, one of the country’s NGOs, puts on monthly birdwatching trips © Agustin Esmoris, Shutterstock

As a fairly prosperous and peaceful country with no massive inequality of income, Uruguay is not an obvious target for charities and volunteers. Nevertheless, there are things you can do if you want your stay in the country to be a positive exchange. For example, you could also support two conservation NGOs, to be found in Montevideo’s Catholic Centre (Canelones 1198 & Gutiérrez Ruiz), although they don’t have much need for foreign volunteers. Vida Silvestre puts on a monthly excursion open to all – a two/three-day hiking and camping trip, as a rule, with a guide and six to ten participants, to explore some wild area and observe nature. Aves Uruguay also puts on a monthly trip, focused more on birdwatching, of course. 

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