Bergendal Eco-Resort

A lovely setting on the Suriname River, plus Suriname’s only zipline canopy cableway, make this upmarket resort, accessible on asphalt road, a good introduction to the forested interior.

Ziplining Berg En Dal Suriname by Ariadne Van ZandbergenOne of the most popular destinations for overnight trips from Paramaribo, Bergendal Eco-Resort opened in 2008 on a 24km2 patch of forest that was formerly part of the Bergendal Plantation. Set on the west bank of the Suriname River, the resort provides a an excellent ‘soft’ introduction to the Surinamese interior, combining a genuinely wild setting and jungle feel with exceptionally comfortable upmarket accommodation and facilities. It is also easy to access along a good asphalt road that runs from Paramaribo to within 2km of the entrance gate. 

The main resort at Bergendal ranks among the most aesthetically pleasing in Suriname, carved as it is into a tract of sloping riverine jungle. A clear effort has been made to preserve as much of the forest and undergrowth as possible, rather than chopping it down to make way for manicured lawns. There is a large riverfront swimming pool, an attractive bar and lounge area overlooking the river, a restaurant serving buffet meals (usually included in the room or package rate), a jetty with a view, a business centre and motorised transfers to and from your room as required. Dedicated birders could easily spend a few hours exploring the footpath that run through the lush and shady grounds and the 2km stretch of forest-lined road leading back to the main road.

Bergendal is popular with outdoor lovers of a more active disposition, as a top-notch adventure centre can be found on a protected sandy swimming beach about 1km upstream from the eco-resort. The foremost attraction for adrenalin junkies is the 90-minute canopy zipline cableway, which runs between seven wooden platforms high in the forest, including one with a 220m span and another that runs right across the river to its eastern bank. Other very popular activities are the guided boat tour downriver to Klaaskreek, and the tranquil kayaking excursion to Mama Creek. Other guided walks and boat trips are also offered, as are day tours to Brokopondo Reservoir and Brownsberg, by prior arrangement.

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