Guyana - At a glance

Guyana at a glance

Location North Atlantic coast of South America, between latitudes 1 and 9 and longitudes 57 and 61.

Neighbouring countries Suriname to the east, Brazil to the south and southwest, and Venezuela to the west

Size/Area 214,969km²

Climate Tropical. Coast wet season mid-November to mid-January and May to mid-July; interior wet season May to end of August; short rains December; rest of year generally dry. Average temperature 27.5˚C; coastland ranges from 18 to 34˚C; interior ranges from 18 to 40˚C

Status Republic within the Commonwealth

Population 779,612 (2017)

Life expectancy 67

Capital Georgetown, population 240,000

Other main towns/villages Linden, New Amsterdam, Rose Hall, Anna Regina, Bartica, Lethem

Economy Agriculture, timber, fishing, mining

GDP US$4,784 

Languages English (official), Creole, Amerindian dialects, Hindi, Urdu

Religion Christian, Hindu, Muslim

Currency Guyana dollar (G$) (for up-to-date rates, go to

National airport Cheddi Jagan International Airport

International telephone code +592

Time GMT –4

Electrical voltage 110V in Georgetown and lodges; 220V in most other places; three-pin ‘American-style’ plugs

Weights and measures Metric

Flag Green background with red isosceles triangle with left border on left side superimposed on a long, yellow arrowhead with white border

National anthem Dear Land of Guyana

National flower Victoria amazonica

National bird/animal Hoatzin/Jaguar

National sport Cricket

Public holidays 1 January, 23 February (Republic Day and Mashramani), Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1 May (Labour Day), 5 May (Indian Arrival Day), 26 May (Independence Day), fi rst Monday in July (Caricom Day), 1 August (Emancipation Day), 25 December, 26 December

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