Port Howard - A view from our expert author

The perfect place to experience camp life and a superb base from which to explore West Falkland.

The settlement, home to 30 people, is situated at the base of 2,400ft (660m) Mount Maria at the head of its own sheltered harbour. Although this is the largest settlement on West Falkland, you can still walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes and it is only a few hundred yards wide at its widest point because it runs alongside the harbour. It is one of the most picturesque settlements on the Falklands, especially when the gorse is in full bloom in springtime. Port Howard is one of the few remaining large farming settlements in the islands. The farm is some 200,000 acres and supports 40,000 pure-bred Corriedale sheep. Outside of the shearing season of December, January and February, life can be very peaceful here but, when shearing is in full flow, Port Howard is a hub of activity, with the shearing shed the centre of operations.

Some of the outlying islands may have a greater variety of wildlife in a small area than Port Howard but the potential of this area is very great – you can visit habitats ranging from freshwater pools to coastal cliffs and thus see a wide range of species. The varied day-trip options and the comfort and welcome at the lodge make this an essential stop on a tour of the islands.

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