Falkland Islands at a glance

Jetty, Stanley, Falkland Islands by JeremyRichards, ShutterstockA welcoming sign and colourful buildings greet cruise-ship visitors as they land at Stanley’s public jetty © JeremyRichards, Shutterstock

Location Between latitude 51° and 53°S and longitude 57° and 62°W in the South Atlantic

Area 4,700 square miles

Capital Stanley

Population 3,400 (plus around 1,350 military personnel and civilian contractors)

Status Dependent territory of the United Kingdom

Executive authority Her Majesty the Queen, represented by the governor

Flag Blue, with Union Jack in the top left-hand corner and a white shield containing the coat of arms in the centre of the distal half

National anthem ‘God Save the Queen’

Language English

Religion Predominantly Christian

Main industries Fishing, tourism, wool production

Currency Falkland Islands pound (equivalent to and interchangeable with GB pound)

Time 3 hours behind GMT (4 hours out in camp)

International dialling code +500

Electricity supply 240V using three-pin UK-type plugs

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