The Carretera Austral - At a glance

The Carretera Austral at a glance

Location The Carretera Austral stretches 1,270km through Southern Chile, from Puerto Montt in the north to Villa O’Higgins in the south. Chile is located in the southwest of South America.

Size The total area covered by the region, provinces and communes encompassed by the Carretera Austral is 128,000km2. The total surface area of Chile is 756,000km2.

Climate Spanning 38° of latitude it is hard to generalise about the climate of Chile. Along the Carretera Austral the climate is mostly temperate oceanic to sub-Polar oceanic, with sections of semi-arid (Patagonian steppe, along the border with Argentina). 

Time Chile Standard Time (GMT – 3 hours) – no daylight saving time since 2015 

International telephone code +56

Currency Chilean pesos ($), US$/ARG$ often accepted. For up-to-date rates, go to

Electricity 220–240V (50Hz AC), European two-pin plugs

Population Within region encompassed by the Carretera Austral: 115,000. Chile: 18 million.

Capital Aysén’s capital is Coyhaique; Chile’s is Santiago de Chile

Language Spanish

Religion Roman Catholic (60%), Protestant (15%), agnostic/atheists (22%), other (3%)

Flag Plain red lower half, upper half has white section to right, white star on blue background to left

Economy Mining (driven largely by copper), agriculture (including salmon, forestry and wine) and services (finance and tourism)

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