The region has so much to offer the Slow traveller: cliff paths
for walking, sea with rolling breakers for surfing and sandy beaches for lounging, hidden coves, and wonderful Exmoor with its heathery hills and deep valleys.

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 All folk lucky enough to live in England’s most beautiful places can recall one sublime day when they thought, ‘I’m so lucky to live here!’ For me, this was when I was walking Exmoor’s coastal path, with a couple of friends, on a sunny May afternoon.

The borders of the path were spattered with primroses, tender shoots of bracken were just starting to push through the russet remnants of last year’s growth, and to my left was the sea, as blue as the Mediterranean. I could have walked for ever had we not scheduled a cream-tea break in a 15th-century thatched tearoom in the next village. That’s Exmoor for you, and north Devon. Those seeking the perfect UK holiday need look no further.

What variety we have! You don’t like walking? Then visit the quiet gardens ablaze with flowers or learn about the region’s colourful history in the many museums and manor houses. You’re a closet foodie? Then sample some of the excellent seafood or local game such as pheasant or venison. Then there are the beaches. This region of Devon has some of the best sandy beaches in England, as well as hidden coves only accessible on foot and the outrageously convoluted rocks of Hartland Point.

Like I said, I’m so lucky to live here!

Hilary Bradt, author of Slow Travel North Devon & Exmoor: the Bradt Guide 

Bradt on Britain – our Slow Travel approach

Bradt’s coverage of Britain’s regions makes ‘Slow Travel’ its focus. To us, Slow Travel means ditching the tourist ticklists – deciding not to try to see ‘too much’ – and instead taking time to get properly under the skin of a special region. You don’t have to travel at a snail’s pace: you just have to allow yourself to savour the moment, appreciate the local differences that create a sense of place, and celebrate its food, people and traditions. 

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