Giving something back

Children in Podrud village, Tajikistan by Kalpak TravelOne of the most helpful things visitors can do is simply promoting the country’s existence back home © Kalpak Travel,

The single most important thing you can do for Tajikistan is to advertise the country’s existence. Too many people still look at you with an utterly blank expression when you say ‘Tajikistan’, and one or two blinkered individuals have flatly contested that the country even exists. To develop economically, socially and politically Tajikistan needs foreign investment, foreign recognition and foreign scrutiny. Responsible tourists can contribute in all these areas by becoming both observers and ambassadors. 

We endorse use of Tajikistan’s community-based tourism initiatives as they ensure your money goes directly to the local community. The Zarafshan Tourism Development Association does sterling work co-ordinating homestays, drivers, trekking guides and porters, as do the Pamirs Eco Tourism Association (PECTA) and Murghab Eco-Tourism Association (META). 

If you want to volunteer in Tajikistan, Habitat for Humanity has one- and two-week projects in Tajikistan for groups of volunteers to build and renovate homes and construct water filters alongside families and local communities.  For more information on setting up a volunteering trip contact Habitat for Humanity

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