Garm Chashma - A view from our expert author

With its natural hot springs, Garm Chashma offers the chance for the visitor to cleanse their body and soul.

Some 30km south of Khorog on the road to Ishkashim is the village of Andarob and the turn-off for Garm Chashma, the best hot springs in Tajikistan. Legend has it that Ali struck the ground with his sword while fighting a dragon, and hot water spewed forth.

Garm Chashma, Tajikistan by Tourism Development Centre (TDC), Tajikistan

The dramatic and restorative springs at Garm Chashma © Tourist Development Centre (TDC), Tajikistan

The springs, which are surrounded with a vast, cave-like mineral deposit, are used in turn by men and women; if you arrive during the other sex’s session you can either wait or use the covered (and far less dramatic) side pools. It is expected that you will bathe naked, and the salts and sulphur leave your skin feeling remarkably soft.

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