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Madrasa-e Kohna in Hissar, Tajikistan by Damon Lynch, Shutterstock

Madrasa-e Kohna in Hissar © Damon Lynch, Shutterstock


New Year

During the Soviet period, New Year – rather than Christmas – was the main winter celebration, and this tradition continues in independent Tajikistan. Houses are garlanded with flowers and decorations, and many families decorate a New Year’s tree.



The powder at Takob in the Fann Mountains is light and fluffy: climb by 4x4 up above the village and enjoy uninterrupted views of the peaks as you ski your way back down.



Persian New Year falls in late March, and all of Tajikistan stops to welcome the arrival of spring. It’s a time for feasting and dancing: look forward to joining the party.

AprilBuz kashi players, Tajikistan by Maximum Exposure Productions

Buz Kashi

The Buz Kashi season begins in late spring, so now is the time to catch a game. Matches frequently take place on bank holiday weekends once the ground has thawed underfoot.

(Photo: April is a great time to catch an intense game of buz kashi © Maximum Exposure Productions)


Victory Day

9 May is Victory Day across the Former Soviet Union, and remembering those who died in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) is taken very seriously. Tajikistan alone lost 300,000 soldiers in the conflict.


Trek on the Murghab Plateau

Trekking in the High Pamirs is only possible for a relatively short period each year due to the snowfall and the biting temperatures.seize the opportunity from June to September to explore the Murghab Plateau.


Roof of the World Rally

If you fancy travelling to Tajikistan overland, consider making a team to join this overland rally from London. It’s all for a good cause: charity partner ‘Go Help‘ works in Central Asia to improve access to education and healthcare.


At Chabysh Festival

This high-profile central Asian horse festival celebrates horsemanship in all its forms. Although the majority of the event takes place in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, some dates are scheduled in Tajikistan too.


Independence Day

Tajikistan celebrates its independence on 9 September: look out for special events, especially in Dushanbe, and enjoy the three-day holiday.


Falak Festival

Falak is a traditional Tajik form of lyrical poetry, especially popular in the south of the country. Poems are sung and accompanied by stringed instruments. This annual festival takes place in Dushanbe in mid October.


National Museum

Take the opportunity to explore Tajikistan’s recently renovated and reopened National Museum. With 22 halls  and some remarkable sights, including the Sleeping Buddha, it’s the ideal way to spend an autumn afternoon.


Winter weddings

The winter is a particularly popular time for weddings in Tajikistan: a banquet of plov, washed down with vodka, is the perfect way to keep out the cold.

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