Tajikistan at a glance

Location Landlocked country in heart of central Asia

Neighbouring countries Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Area 144,100km² (55,637 square miles)

Climate Continental, subtropical and semi-arid with some desert areas

Status Republic

Population 8.33 million (2016)

Life expectancy 65 years for men, 71 years for women

Capital Dushanbe (population c822,000)

Other main towns Khorog, Khujand, Qurgonteppa and Kulob

Main exports Aluminium, cotton and foodstuffs

GDP (PPP) US$28.81 billion (2016 est.), GDP (PPP) US$3,000 (2016 est.)

Official languages Tajik and Russian

Religion 90% Muslim (85% Sunni, 5% Ismaili), 10% Russian Orthodox and other minorities

Currency Tajik Somoni (TJS); for up-to-date rates, go to www.xe.com.

National airline Tajik Air

International dialling code +992

Time GMT+5

Electric voltage 220V, round two-pin plugs

Weights and measures Metric

Flag Horizontal stripes of red, white and green with a golden crown and stars

National anthem Surudi Milli

National sports Wrestling, judo, football and buz kashi

Public holidays 1 January (New Year’s Day), 8 March (International Women’s Day), 21–23 March (Navruz), 1 May (International Labour Day), 9 May (Victory Day), 27 June (National Unity Day), 9 September (Independence Day), 6 November (Constitution Day)

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