Ajina Teppa - A view from our expert author

Ancient Buddhist ruins, Ajina Teppa, Tajikistan by Danny Roper, Wikipedia

The ancient ruins of the Ajina Teppa Buddhist monastery © Danny Roper, Wikipedia

Some 12km to the east of Kurgan Teppa are the archaeological remains of Ajina Teppa, the 8th-century Buddhist monastery from which the remarkable Sleeping Buddha (now in the National Museum in Dushanbe) was uncovered in the 1960s. Dating from around AD500 and sculpted from local clay, it was discovered here and moved to the museum in sections.

 Explore these Buddhist temple ruins where the remarkable sleeping Buddha was first discovered.

Though all of the finds were removed to Dushanbe or museums in Russia, it is still possible to see remnants of the 2.5m-thick mud-brick walls that protected the internal courtyard and monastic buildings.

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