North Korea at a glance

Location Northeast Asia, bordering China and Russia to the north, and South Korea (Republic of Korea) to the south.
Area 122,762km2
Status Democratic People’s Republic
Population 23,349,859 (2008 census)/25,370,000 (2016 estimate)
Life expectancy 75.5 (Women)/68.2 (Men)
Climate Combination of continental and oceanic, with short, hot and humid summers, and long, cold winters.
Capital Pyongyang
Other major cities Chongjin, Hamhung, Kaechon, Kaesong, Nampo, Sariwon, Sinuiju, Tanchon and Wonsan
Exports Mineral products (primarily coal briquettes) (44%), textiles (29%), machines (6%), metals (4.9%) animal products (4.1%) and other (12%)
Official language Korean
Religion In essence – Atheist
Currency Won (North Korean Won), although for tourists US dollars, euros and Chinese yuan are readily acceptable.
National airline Air Koryo
International telephone code +850
Time GMT+9
Electrical voltage 220v, 60Hz
Weights and measures Metric
Flag Central red panel with a fi ve-pointed star within a white circle, bordered on either side by a narrow white stripe and broad blue stripe.
National anthem Aegukka (애국가), translating as ‘The Patriotic Song’
Most significant public holidays 1 January (New Year’s Day), 8 February (Army Day), 16 February (Day of the Shining Star, Kim Jong Il’s birthday), 15 April (Day of the Sun, Kim Il Sung’s birthday), 1 May (May Day), 27 July (Victory Day), 15 August (Liberation Day), 25 August (Day of Songun), 9 September (Republic Foundation Day), 10 October (Party Foundation Day), 31 December (New Year’s Eve)

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