Mongolia - At a glance

Mongolia at a glanceRider in Mongolia by Al Jazeera English, Wikipedia

Location Between Siberian Russia and China 

Area 1,564,116km. – the size of most of western Europe 

Relief Mountains to the north, centre and southwest comprise 40% of the land, the remainder is rolling plateau with great expanses of steppe, semi-desert, and desert plains 

Highest point Khüiten peak (4,374m) in the Tavan Bogd range in the Altai Mountains 

Climate Continental, marked by four seasons, with sharp variations 

Average temperatures 20°C in summer and –24°C in winter 

Government Parliamentary democracy with a presidential election every four years 

Regions 21 aimags (provinces) or administrative regions 

(Photo: Horses are an essential part of Mongolian life, and the livelihood of many people throughout the country depends on their equine companions © Al Jazeera English, Wikipedia)

Population 2.9 million (2013) 

Capital Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), formerly known as Urga; abbreviated to UB 

Language Mongolian (an Altaic language); Russian and English widely spoken 

Religion Predominately Tibetan Buddhism; Christianity; Islam among the Muslim minorities in the west; traces of ancient Shamanism 

National anthem Khairt Mongol Oronoo Manduuliya (‘Let us Make our Beloved Country Flourish’) 

Public holidays New Year’s Day (1 January), Tsagaan Sar (three-day New Year holiday, celebrated late January or early February), International Women’s Day (8 March), Mother and Child Day (1 June), Naadam/National Holiday (11–13 July), Genghis Khan Day (November*), Independence Day (29 December) *lunar calendar 

Tourist season Mid May to mid September (peak season July–August) 

Entry regulations Full valid passport with an entry and exit visa 

Health No special vaccination requirements 

Air and rail access Via the international airport in Ulaanbaatar, or by rail via China or Russia 

Road links Ulaanbaatar to Ulan-Ude in Russia and Erlian (Erenhot) in China 

Currency Tögrög (abbreviated to T, Tg or MTG); for up-to-date rates, go to

Hotels Available at reasonable prices in the capital with few hotels outside UB 

Ger camps The normal accommodation in the countryside 

TV system PAL, SECAM 

Weights and measures Metric system 

Electricity 220V/50Hz with two-pin sockets (straight-sided) 

International telephone code +976 

Time Three time zones. The three westernmost provinces of Bayan-Ölgii, Uvs and Khovd are one hour behind the capital; Dornod, Sükhbaatar and Khentii are one hour ahead. The rest of the country follows Ulaanbaatar time: GMT +7 or +8 hours (depending on summer or winter).

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