Kazakh lady Kazakhstan by OspanAli
You can help the people of Kazakhstan by helping to raise awareness of their country after your trip © OspanAli

Giving something back

In various cities across Kazakhstan there are now numerous cafés where you can leave your books behind for others to leaf through. Pita Green café in Almaty also collects clothes for charity; you are welcome to leave with them any items that you will no longer need on your travels.

When asking Kazakhstani friends what was the best advice they thought I could give to foreign visitors to ensure they gave something back to the country they were visiting, one recommendation kept coming up. It was that visitors to Kazakhstan should get to know the country and its people and that, on returning home, they should then explain to their friends and work colleagues what this country, too little known in the West, was really like. They should explain that it was a very different place from other countries whose names end with ‘-stan’. They should explain about its beauty, and achievements.

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