Ladakh, Jammu & the Kashmir Valley - At a glance

Ladakh, Jammu & the Kashmir Valley at a glance

Location Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is a state of India located mostly in the Himalayan mountains. International border with China in the north and east; the Line of Control (LoC) separates it from Pakistani-controlled territories in the west and northwest.

Area 222,236km2 (85,806 square miles)

Climate Varies from subtropical to mountain desert depending on altitude

Population 12.54 million (2019)

Life expectancy 70.9 (male), 74.9 (female)

Capital Jammu (winter), Srinagar (summer); Ladakh: Leh

Other main towns Kargil, Leh

Main exports Agricultural produce, handicrafts

GDP US$25 billion (2018–19 estimate)

Official language Urdu. English, Hindi, Ladakhi and Kashmiri are also widely spoken.

Religions Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

Currency Indian rupee (Rs); for up-to-date rates, go to

National airline Air India

International dialling code +91

Time GMT + 5½ hours

Electric voltage 220v

Weights and measures Metric

Flag Orange, white and green horizontal stripes with a chakra in the centre

National anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’

Major sports Hockey and ice hockey, polo, water sports, skiing

Public holidays* 26 January (Republic Day), 21 February (Maha Shivaratri), 9 March (Holi), 1 April (Bank Holiday), 14 April (Dr Ambedkar Jayanti), 30 April (Buddha Purnima), 21 May (Jumat-ul-Wida), 23 May (Eid al Fitr), 30 July (Eid al Zuha), 11 August (Janmashtami) 15 August (Independence Day), 21 August (Muharram), 30 September (Bank Holiday), 2 October (Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday), 25 October (Dussehra), 14 November (Diwali), 30 November (Guru Nanak Jayanti), 25 December (Christmas Day)

* These dates are correct for 2020. As some of the religious festivals are calculated according to the lunar calendar, dates will change from year to year.

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