Zambia - At a glance

Zambia at a glance

Location Landlocked in the tropics at the northern edge of the region referred to as ‘southern Africa’

Size 752,610km²

Climate December–April hot and wet, with torrential downpours in the afternoon; May–August dry, and fairly cool; September–November dry, but progressively hotter.

Status Republic

Population 13,046,508 (2010), 15.02 million (2015 estimate, World Bank)

Population growth per year 3% (2014 est)

Life expectancy at birth 58 years (2013, World Bank)

Capital Lusaka (provincial population 2,191,225, 2010; city population 1.8 million)

Other main towns Livingstone, Kitwe, Ndola, Kabwe

Economy Minerals (principally copper and cobalt), agriculture, hydroelectricity, tourism

Natural resources Copper, cobalt, gemstones

GDP US$27.97 billion (2014, World Bank)

GDP growth rate 6% (2014, World Bank)

Currency Kwacha (K) (for up-to-date exchange rates, go to

Language English, numerous ethnic languages

Religion Christianity, Islam, indigenous beliefs

International telephone code +260

Time GMT +2

Electricity 220V, delivered at 50Hz; British-style plugs with three square pins

Weights and measures Metric

Flag Bright green background; panel lower right of three vertical bands of red, black and orange, surmounted by orange eagle in flight.

Motto ‘One Zambia, One Nation’

Public holidays 1 January, Youth Day (March), Good Friday, Holy Saturday, 1 May, 25 May, Heroes’ Day (July), Unity Day (July), Farmers’ Day (August), Independence Day (end October), 25–6 December.

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