Mahamba - A view from our expert author

Mahamba Gorge Swaziland by Mike Unwin© Mike Unwin

This historic town marks the point at which Christianity reached Swaziland, as well as playing host to a dramatic gorge boasting rare birds such as Verreaux’s eagle.

The historic Mahamba area lies at the very south of the MR9 and has both Swaziland’s first church and an impressive river gorge. It is also the location of Swaziland’s main southwest road border with South Africa, from where it is a short drive to Piet Retief. Both church and gorge are reached by a dirt road that turns north from the MR9 just short of the border.

Mahamba church Swaziland Courtesy of Swaziland Tourist Board In Mahamba the country's oldest church marks the point where Christianity reached Swaziland © Courtesy of Swaziland Tourist Board

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