St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha - At a glance

St Helena at a glance

Location South Atlantic Ocean, 1,200 miles (1,950km) west of Angola, 1,800 miles (2,900km) east of Brazil

Size 47 square miles (122km2)

Highest point 2,690ft (820m)

Climate Tropical, kept mild by southeast trade winds

Status British Overseas Territory

Population 4,236 (2012)

Population growth rate 3% (2015 estimate)

Birth rate per 1,000 population 7.8 (2012)

Death rate per 1,000 population 11.3 (2012)

Capital Jamestown

Economy Fishing, tourism, philately, but largely dependent on UK subsidy

Average per capita income £6,670 (2013/14)

Language English

Religion Predominantly Christian

Currency St Helena pound (= 1 sterling) and pound sterling

Time GMT

Electricity 240V, 50Hz. Standard electrical socket is 13-amp flat pin, as in UK.

Weights and measures Metric, with some imperial remnants

International dialling code +290

Emergency telephone 999 (police/fire), 911 (hospital)

Flag Blue with flag of UK in upper quadrant and St Helena shield centred on outer half of flag. The shield features a rocky coastline and a three-masted sailing ship, with the wirebird at the top.

National anthem ‘God Save the Queen’

National bird Wirebird (St Helena plover)

National flower Ebony (Trochetiopsis ebenus), but formerly the arum lily

National tree Gumwood (Commidendrum robustum)

Public holidays 1 January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 21 May, Whit Monday (day after Whitsuntide), second Saturday in June, last Monday in August, 25–26 December


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