Dinka cattle camp by John Wollwerth, Shutterstock© John Wollwerth, Shutterstock

Please note There has been a serious deterioration in security in South Sudan since these pages were compiled, and some of the practical information here will now be out of date. In particular, many areas are currently not safe to travel. You are advised to contact your embassy and local agents prior to travelling. 

The Dinka are the most populous of South Sudan’s tribes and also the most politically influential. The majority of Dinka are still nomadic pastoralists and their cattle camps, which often contain 500 head or more of cattle, offer a fascinating insight into their traditional way of life. Much of South Sudan’s culture and history is derived from the importance of cattle: they’re the principal source of wealth and prestige, and, when pastures are scarce, the reason for so much conflict.

With over 500 cows, this cattle camp offers a fascinating insight into the most populous and arguably most politically influential of South Sudan’s tribes.

The Dinka are one of the most prominent cattle herding tribes and a visit to one of their cattle camps, where young boys and cattle live side by side, is to see into the heart of their community and learn about the central role these animals play.

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