This green and verdant isle rises out of the encircling coral reef, creating a silhouette against the sunset. 

From Beau Vallon on Mahé, the familiar shape of this island is a silhouette against the sunset. The green and verdant isle rises out of the encircling coral reef to Mont Dauban at a height of 740m. It is almost round, roughly 5km in diameter, and covers an area of 20km². Because of the protective nature of the surrounding reef, landing on Silhouette has never been easy, and this has guarded the island from overdevelopment and exploitation. It is probably the most densely vegetated island in the Indian Ocean, and its higher slopes and summit are clad in largely undisturbed, pristine forest with a high level of endemic flora and fauna. The Anse Mondon Valley is exceptionally rich in its biodiversity with many rare Seychelles hardwood trees, shrubs and orchids. Silhouette has a population of a mere 130 inhabitants. The pace of life on Silhouette is slow: there are no roads, no motor cars, only one tractor and some electric buggies at Labriz Hotel, no police station and only one small shop selling essentials.

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