Rwanda - Giving something back

Giving something back

You may leave Rwanda without a backward glance, or you may find that it has affected you more than you realised. It’s an amazing country. Many visitors feel that they want to remain – or become more – involved in its people and development. Most of the large mainstream charities have activities there, but below we’re listing, alphabetically, a handful of the many smaller ones for whom even one new supporter can make a difference. All describe their work and give contact details on their websites. New ones are appearing all the time: ask around when you’re in Rwanda, do an internet search, or check out any listed on Also see the Forest People’s Project, Cards from Africa, the Centre Cesar and the Meg Foundation, the Imbabazi Orphanage and the Ubushobozi Foundation. There are also a number of gorilla conservation organisations.

The ultimate involvement in Rwanda is to invest in one of the many opportunities that the country’s rapid development has created. The Rwanda Development Board (tel: (+250) 0252 585179; email:; can provide full information, including the generous incentives and concessions available. The mechanisms are straightforward and investor-friendly, with a minimum of red tape.

Openings exist in many sectors; for example food processing (tea, coffee, fruit, vegetables…), financial services, ICT, mining, tourism and hospitality, solar installations, medical services, construction and transport. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of opportunity. And remember that the 2012 World Bank ‘Doing Business’ Report named Rwanda as the third easiest African country in which to do business, after Mauritius and South Africa.

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