Kwando River

Kwando River Namibia by ecoprint, Shutterstock© ecoprint, Shutterstock 

Explore the reedbeds and waterways of the Kwando River area.

The southern border of the eastern Caprivi Region is defined rather indistinctly along the line of the Kwando, the Linyanti and the Chobe rivers. These are actually the same river in different stages. The Kwando comes south from Angola, meets the Kalahari’s sands, and forms a swampy region of reedbeds and waterways called the Linyanti swamps. (To confuse names further, locals refer to sections of the Kwando above Lianshulu as ‘the Mashi’.)

These swamps form the core of Mamili National Park. In good years a river emerges from here, called the Linyanti, and flows northeast into Lake Liambezi. It starts again from the eastern side of Lake Liambezi, renamed the Chobe. This beautiful river has a short course before it is swallowed into the mighty Zambezi, which continues over the Victoria Falls, through Lake Kariba, and eventually discharges into the Indian Ocean.

To explore any of these areas on your own, ensure that you have the relevant 1:250,000 maps from the Surveyor General (numbers 1723, 1724, 1823 and 1824), as well as a compass and a good road map of Namibia. Combine these with local guidance and you will find some interesting areas. If you are heading off into Mamili, then you should have some back-up help (eg: a second 4x4 vehicle) and a GPS might be very useful.

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