Kunene River - A view from our expert author

Kunene River Namibia by whatleydude, Flickr

© whatleydude, Flickr

From kingfishers to bee-eaters, discover a fascinating variety of birds along the photogenic trail of the Kunene River.

From the hydro-electric dam near Ruacana, the  threads west through the Baynes Mountains to the Atlantic, meandering between arid hills and wild, rough-looking mountains on both sides. Angola lies to its north, Namibia to its south; both look identical. Along its way, photogenic, feathery fronds of green makalani palms lines its path. This narrow strip extends for perhaps only 30m from the river itself. Further from the water than that, the land reverts to its parched, dry state: the preserve of Kaokoland’s semi-desert flora and fauna.

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