Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon Namibia by Tricia Hayne The world's second-largest canyon is a must-see on a trip to Namibia © Tricia Hayne

With hot springs, challenging hiking trails and world-class views, the world’s second-largest canyon is a must-visit on any trip to Namibia.

At 161km long, up to 27km wide, and almost 550m at its deepest, the Fish River Canyon is arguably second in size only to Arizona’s Grand Canyon – and is certainly one of Africa’s least-visited wonders. This means that as you sit dangling your legs over the edge, drinking in the spectacle, you’re unlikely to have your visit spoiled by a coach-load of tourists – at least, as long as you walk away from the main viewpoint. In fact, away from the busier seasons, you may not see anyone around here at all! The canyon itself starts about 7km south of Seeheim, winding its way south to Ai-Ais. From Hobas through to Ai-Ais, it is protected within the Ai-Ais National Park, while immediately to the north, protection continues through private reserves on both sides of the river.

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