Gabon - Giving something back

Giving something back

Tourism can be very beneficial for Gabon, as tourists not only bring economic benefits, but also make a significant contribution to biodiversity protection. Additionally, travellers have a direct impact on the places they visit. To optimise the positive impact and minimise any negative effects, try to favour locally owned businesses, buy locally produced goods and food, support durable tourism initiatives, and use energy, water and other resources efficiently and in keeping with local practices. Avoid places that use limited resources like water and electricity to the detriment of local people. Observe but do not disturb natural systems. Minimise your waste and don’t leave any litter. Use only biodegradable soaps and detergents, and never order bushmeat (viande de brousse), including elephant, gorilla, chimp and monkey, forest antelope (duiker), crocodile, porcupine, bush pig, cane rat and pangolin. Commercial hunting for bushmeat is the primary threat to wildlife populations, not to speak of the considerable threat to human health.

There are a number of local and international NGOs that are doing excellent work in partnering with local communities to preserve Gabon’s unique natural heritage, and a contribution to any of these would go a long way. This list includes organisations such as Aventures Sans Frontières, PROGRAM, WCS, Ibonga ACPE, Mandrillus Project and WWF.

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