Gabon - At a glance

Gabon at a glance

Location West coast of Central Africa

Neighbouring countries Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea

Size 267,670km2

Climate Tropical; always hot and humid

Capital Libreville

Provinces Estuaire, Moyen-Ogooué, Ngounié, Ogooué-Maritime, Nyanga, Woleu-Ntem, Ogooué-Ivindo, Haut-Ogooué and Ogooué-Lolo

Main towns Port-Gentil and Franceville

Status Republic; multi-party presidential regime

Population 2.1 million (2018)

Urbanisation 89.5% (2018)

Life expectancy 68 (2018)

Languages French (official language) and some 40 African languages, including Fang, Myènè, Nzebi, Bapounou, Eshira, and Bandjabi

Ethnic diversity 80% of the population is Gabonese-born, among which the largest groups are Fang (23.2%), Shira-Punu/Vili (18.9%), Nzabi-Duma(11.3%), Mbede-Teke (6.9%), Myènè (5%), Kota-Kele (4.9%) and Okande-Tsogo (2.1%)

Religion Largest denominations are Roman Catholic (42.3%), Protestant (12.3%), other Christian beliefs (27.4%) and Muslim (9.8%)

Currency CFA franc

GDP US$36.66 billion (2017); GDP per capita US$18,100 (2018); GDP growth 0.5% (2017)

Poverty 34.3% living below the poverty line (2015)

Inflation 2.7% (2017)

Independence 17 August 1960 (from France)

Flag Three horizontal stripes: green, yellow and blue

Time GMT +1

International telephone code +241

Internet top-level domain .ga

Electrical voltage 220V

Weights and measures Metric

Public holidays 1 January, 12 March, Easter, 1 May, Pentecost weekend, 17 August, 19 August, 1 November, 25 December

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