Visit the mysterious yet magical Senoufou villages, where the monumental sculptures of the Sindou Peaks can be found.

Squeezed into the west of Burkina and overflowing into Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, the Senoufou are revered as a magical and mysterious people. They are held in such awe that some credulous Mossi are prepared to tell you that cannibalism is still practised among certain sects, if demanded by the chief or the spirits.

The Senoufou believe in a supreme being and creator of the universe, the god Koutyolo. In some versions of the myth he has fallen asleep, in others he was disgusted with his final creation, man – either way, he has withdrawn from the world, leaving it a guideless place. A kinder female god, Katielo, is a mother figure who exerts a more positive influence, overseeing the village and protecting the sacred wood. It is her influence that has enabled man to evolve and learn the arts of farming and music.