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How to combine education and travel: The ultimate guide for students

Traveling is an education, and what you learn while travelling cannot be learned from books.

Many students still don’t believe travelling and education can be combined, but it is possible. Students that have mastered the secrets complete full courses while enjoying nature, culture, and people around the world. 

Some enroll for exchange programmes, others go for full-time online courses, while others choose a hybrid approach and combine physical classroom lessons with online learning. This ultimate guide for students will help you learn how to combine education and travelling. 

Enroll in Minerva University Programme

The biggest secret for combining travelling and studying at the same time is to enroll in a university that has campuses in the major cities of the world. That way, you will be sure you will not be restricted to study in a university within your country. 

For example, if you apply to join Minerva University, you will have a significant advantage because it has campuses in the US, South America, the UK, Germany, and Asia. If you desire to explore new countries, apply to join the campus in your preferred country. 

You will have all the freedom to travel to new cities, visit the wild, mingle with a new culture, and enjoy everything your host country has to offer. The university offers a rigorous curriculum that will give you opportunities to immerse yourself in global cultures. Due to the university’s mentorship support for your career, you might get a chance to work in your host country and give yourself more time to explore the country. 

Travelling as a student will expose you to many new things in life. You will have all the world to explore as you meet people of new cultures, learn their language, and enjoy exploring their land. You might experience challenges, though, because there will be times when you will be required to write various academic papers and submit them without delay. You can still travel the world stress-free if you learn to use online help from Edu Birdie writing service, where qualified writers will assist you with homework assignments every time you’ll need.

Register for a student exchange programme

A college or university might have other institutions of learning they are affiliated with within different countries. Sometimes they give travel learning opportunities to their students who travel to the other country and are hosted by the partner institution of their university. 

They may go there to learn a short course, education trip, or change the learning environment. By travelling on an exchange program, you will get a chance to tour the country or even explore its neighbours. You learn under different teachers, which is also a learning experience that changes your view to studying your course.

You get a chance to meet new friends, explore another culture, and be far away from home. Many students who travelled on exchange programs ended up getting career opportunities in the same countries. By changing the learning environment, some improve performance and graduate with better grades. You might also learn a new language and the best tips and tricks for survival. 

Choose to study online

Technology has opened doors for students to enroll in any university globally and earn their degrees online. Not every online course can be completed 100% without attending a face-to-face class, but some can entirely be done online.

Choose subjects that will favour pure online studying to avoid having to worry about cutting your travel short because you must be in school soon. The biggest advantage of online courses is the great time flexibility you get because you complete your course at your pace. You will sit for your exam online, write your essay and submit it online and even receive your grades online. 

Plan your travel schedules wisely

If you want your travel experience to be good, it might help to read the ultimate guide for students before you plan your travel. Plan your journey when the weather is conducive, lest you be confined indoors due to unfriendly weather such as storms, snow, and extreme heat. Travel less when you have an exam coming when the season is high, or the time you are required to be on the campus for class lessons. Understand what you are required to do before travel, such as booking a hotel or organizing your accommodation with friends in advance. Prepare your travel money to make sure you have enough. 

Some countries might have certain restrictions if you are below eighteen years. You must confirm with the embassy. Have ready with you your travel documents such as passport, valid visa, travel insurance, and other health certificates that might be required, such as the covid certificate. Pack your books because you might want to use the time to study some subjects such as mathematics, formulas, or other concepts and integrals. 

Use student services while travelling

The travel learning experience can be great for you, but you need to work closely with various support services to make your travel even better. Because you are travelling intending to learn and build a better career background, include some essential services in your list.

Career counselling is useful to help you arrange your travel more beneficially. Network with other students and use networking services to improve your career chances after college. Use online services that help students do assignments to always redeem the time. 


Students can go exploring new countries and still complete their university courses. They can register for flexible programs that will make combining travelling and studying at the same time possible. A student exchange programme can be important as well as going the option of an online course. Registering with a university such as Minerva University that has campuses worldwide will give the student better choices to study in another country.