Christian the Lion: The Illustrated Legacy


Christian the Lion: The Illustrated Legacy

Fifty years ago two young Australians bought a lion cub from Harrods and raised him in their flat in Chelsea. It was the start of an extraordinary journey that saw the lion, called Christian, successfully introduced into the wild in Africa by George Adamson, and then, two years later, an emotional reunion that has become one of the most-watched clips on YouTube. Now Christian is back in a new illustrated book featuring scores of never-before-seen pictures!

“In 1969, when we took Christian to Kenya, there were an estimated four hundred thousand wild lions in Africa. As this book goes to press in 2018, there are probably fewer than twenty thousand. In less than fifty years, the lion population has plummeted by more than ninety per cent. Hopefully Christian’s legacy will raise awareness of the threat to all wildlife.” - John Rendall

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Purchase Christian the Lion: The Illustrated Legacy with a 10% discount here.

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