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The animals in these stories are as varied as the journeys, large and small, domestic or wild, compliant or reluctant. All, in their way, made the human journey special and all remind us of the affection that we humans feel for animals.– Hilary Bradt

Beastly Journeys is a collection of 46 tales of extraordinary animal travel experiences, from hilarious holidays with pets to journeys on which wild animals somehow came along for the ride. Below are some extracts from the book to whet your appetite. If this book proves one thing it's that travel with animals is every bit as unpredictable as you would expect it to be.

Finding Gobi - Dion Leonard (Extract)

Finding Gobi - Dion Leonard

 Painted Wolves - Jonathan Scott (Extract)

Painted Wolves - Jonathan Scott 

 The White Cockerel - Ash Dykes (Extract)

The White Cockerel - Ash Dykes

 Habibi - Sheelagh Reynolds (Extract)

Habibi - Sheelagh Reynolds

 Lost and Found in the Arctic - Kelsey Camacho

Lost and Found in the Arctic - Kelsey Camacho


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Beastly Journeys by Jonathan Scott, David Attenborough, Gerald Durrell, Mark Shand and Dervla Murphy 

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