Beach beauty

Find out about one of Nova Scotia’s best-kept secrets with David Orkin’s guide to its beaches.

Written by David Orkin


Carters beach, Nova Scotia Canada by NSTA© Nova Scotia Tourism Agency

Carters Beach is a prime contender for the ‘Most Beautiful Beach in Nova Scotia’ title – and, amazingly, it’s still a relatively well-kept secret. It’s being realistic rather than pessimistic to wonder how long it will stay unspoilt.

When you first see the beaches – there are actually three – and the island-dotted bay, you might think that you’re in the Mediterranean, especially if the sun is out. The sand is golden, the crystal-clear water has a slight turquoise hue, and huge, smooth black boulders and sometimes colourful sea kayakers, give the scene depth.

Walk along the first beach and you’ll find a stream blocking your way. Depending on the tide and other factors, you may be able to ford it by wading across, or it may be safer to head upstream for about ten minutes and cross there. The second beach is broad and straight, and a good place to look for sand dollars (flat, almost circular, shell-like types of urchin). The third beach is another pretty crescent which ends at high sand dunes well worth climbing for the view.

To reach Carters Beach turn onto Central Port Mouton Road from Highway 103 at Port Mouton. Continue for about 4km until you see a sign to the left to Carters Beach. There’s a tiny parking area but no other facilities, and a short (less than 100m) path through the trees down to the beach.

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