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Former Travel Editor and Deputy Editor of Attitude magazine, Andrew Fraser has had a love of the obscure, a love of bargains, and a love of travel since he was a strange eight year-old-boy locked in his bedroom obsessing over maps of Narnia-esque towns, cities and regions on the red side of the European map, which he was told he would never be able to visit: Lithuania, Odessa, Pomerania, Tbilisi, Ruthenia, Sofia and Karelia...many were just dotted lines on a map, former places, shadows of the past. When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, he rushed to Prague, Bratislava and Budapest where he enjoyed the greatest adventure of his life so far, costing little more than pennies. Now in 2016, the internet and low cost airlines, have brought back that those halcyon days of cheap travel bliss and Andrew Fraser’s mission in life is to transport you to places beyond your wildest dreams for less than the cost of your airport latte. Come join him...

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