Zambia/5 update information

21/09/2014 00:18

Written by Bradt Travel Guides

A note on currency

The Zambian kwacha was 'rebased' in January 2013, at which time one 'new' kwacha was brought in to replace the 'old' 1,000 kwacha.  From the visitor perspective, this effectively means knocking the last three 000s off all prices to give a current-day equivalent.

Of course, prices in Zambia, as in most places, rise fairly steadily, so those given in the fifth edition of the Bradt guide may not be up to date. Some – such as national park fees – have not changed in the intervening period, but for others, a helpful indication of current prices is to take the 'old' kwacha price, delete the last three 000s, then convert it into US dollars at the prevailing rate of exchange - approximately US$1 = K7.67.

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