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07/07/2016 11:43

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Chapter 2: Practical Information

Chapter 8: Bukhara Province 

Chapter 2: Practical Information

Red Tape


[Updated 8/2/17] p. 42-3 Despite information to the contrary in December 2016, British passport holders will still need visas to enter Uzbekistan for the foreseeable future. Official statements indicate that this will not be before 2021, but there a chance that this date will be brought forward before then since it is partly due to a 'turf war' between reformers and anti-reformers in the government.

Money and budgeting

[Updated 28/9/17] p. 56 On 5 Sep 2017 the government unpegged the Uzbek som from the dollar. Whereas before there were official and unofficial/black market exchange rates, now there is only one rate. It is approx. 8,000 UZS to the USD, 9,000 UZS to the EUR, and 10,000 UZS to the GBP, though it might well shift significantly. It is now recommended to change money in the banks.


[Updated 27/4/17] p. 65-7 Foreign visitors to Uzbekistan must now pay their hotel bills in US$.

Chapter 8: Bukhara Province


[Updated 28/9/17] p. 205 Bukhara is a total building site at the moment, with almost all the streets in the Old Town dug up and a lot of buildings under scaffolding. It is unknown how long the building work is going to take, but a lot of shops and cafes have closed whilst it is going on. 

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